SeeTrue solutions ready for ocular applications of eye tracking

SeeTrue’s ocular eye tracker can easily be embedded into existing ocular systems

Eye tracking is typically understood as the process of estimating a person’s gaze direction to infer the object a person is observing at any given moment. A typical ocular optical device allows inspection of a specimen, object, or other detail of interest using a large magnification. For example, a surgical microscope enables the surgeon with a magnified view of the operating field.

Ocular device operators interact with the environment or specimen using their hands, as they manipulate the device settings or direction of the optical system. The actual procedure is therefore interrupted due to the needs to adjust direction, zoom, lighting, interact with the menus, and other needs stemming from the task and optical device usage. 

Eye tracking sensors embedded in the oculars of such systems enable the operator to perform hands-free adjustments. See-through menus can be controlled using, for example, gaze to select actions. Such interaction significantly improves the work efficiency of the operator. At the same time, operator’s cognitive monitoring can be performed, including workload, attention, and fatigue. One can monitor the location of the gaze of the operator to verify the inspected locations.

When integrated with vision health-care systems, SeeTrue eye tracking sensors precisely track the position of the patient’s eyes as well as monitor eye blinks and eye rotations. The center of the eye can be automatically detected along with other features of the eye area. The customer vision care system can automatically adjust the settings of the treatment device based on the status of patient eyes. 

SeeTrue eye sensing solution ready for integration in ocular devices

SeeTrue Technologies has developed a unique solution to the eye tracking problem. A combination of miniature sensors, patented intelligent illumination, proprietary on-chip processing, and advanced patent-pending algorithms ensures wide applications of SeeTrue eye trackers in consumer, industrial, and healthcare applications. With up to 4x better accuracy, extremely high reliability and ease of use, the systems can perform in both critical and everyday environments.

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