SeeTrue announces 460 000€ round to boost growth of robust eye tracking business and sales

Backed by Redstone’s North Karelia Growth Fund and StartUp Fund Joensuu, current owners of the company, and Business Finland’s Research and Development funding, the new funding will enable SeeTrue Technologies to scale up the robust eye tracking business.

SeeTrue Technologies has secured a total of 460 000€ of new funding in the latest round. The company produces eye tracking technology for VR and AR equipment in health care, industry, education and entertainment. Its extremely robust sensing solution allows deployment of the technology to both mission-critical environments and consumer-level applications.

The funding will allow SeeTrue to boost operations towards scaling up the eye tracking business. Kaj Hagros, managing partner of Redstone Nordics comments, ‘We believe that SeeTrue’s unique software and hardware expertise will generate promising global product partnerships’. The new funding will enable SeeTrue Technologies to increase its offerings to new types of customers.

Existing eye tracking solutions primarily aim at controlled environments such as research laboratories, and fare poorly otherwise in real-life. In comparison, SeeTrue’s sensors can be deployed to a wide range of applications. This is because the innovation leads to robust and reliable tracking performance, small footprint and high accuracy.