SeeTrue Technologies is recruiting continuously and currently we have several openings. We offer various jobs in eye-tracking and around eye-tracking technologies. If you are interested in joining us, send us your resume at
In particular, to support the growth of the company, we are currently searching for:

Embedded electronics engineer

With experience in designing control units, microcontrollers, board-level logic, and embedded programming. Are you passionate and familiar with FPGA, ASIC/MCU, or other embedded systems? Can you design a PCB and perform evaluations of software and hardware architectures? In this role, you will be responsible for specifying, designing, and developing, simulating, and testing electronic systems for embedded computer vision and data processing. You will work closely with the hardware and software leads.

Business developer

As our client portfolio grows and we are looking for a talented business developer to help us with it. Our customers recruit from large and small manufacturers of optical devices. Optimally, the candidate has a technical background (e.g. electronics, photonics, computing, medical technologies and related) and a strong interest in sales, business development, and customer acquisition. In this role, you will work closely with the technical team, and your primary responsibility will be interfacing with potential and current customers.

Industrial designer

We are redesigning the way people use head-mounted wearables and how they interact with close-to-the-eye displays. Do you have an eye for the eyes? To support those innovations, we are searching for a creative, agile designer who can work on the intersection of digital and analog, can balance requirements between form and functionality, and is a nice person. In this role, you will work on the edge of physical possibilities with hardware and software engineers to create innovative solutions for future embedded sensors.

Wizard of soft

Our team of engineers is looking for reinforcement in the software development department. We are searching for a professional or highly experienced senior software engineer to join our team in Joensuu, Finland, responsible for low-level, low-latency, high-capacity multi-thread system programming.