We created a unique patent-pending optical solution for robust eye-tracking, allowing us to embed the technology to challenging environments. Our solution can speed up computational time and allow for better resource allocation. We combine a robust hardware and optics with high-performing computer vision approach.

Medical applications

Our technology has been demonstrated in medical environments, including surgical operating rooms, as a skill- and workload sensor. We pioneer gaze-based input for medical ocular devices.

Eye-tracking for VR

Our robust eye-trackers can be embedded into head-mounted display environments. We offer unique, robust and high-speed technology and algorithms. Our eye-tracking works with large user populations and in varying lighting conditions.

Eye-tracking for user research

Our wearable and customizable solution achieves accuracy beyond state-of-the-art, visualization of users interest. Customizations are provided for particular domains and end-user populations.

Endless opportunities

We have seen thousands of applications of eye-tracking, but your specific area may demand another new customization that we are ready to talk about. Please contact us and let’s think together how we can develop eye-tracking with you.