Mobile eye tracker ST ONE

The STONE system represents a significant advancement in eye tracking technology. The STONE delivers robust and highly accurate eye tracking data. By focusing on real eye feature measurements, the STONE device offers unparallelled precision and reliability.

The STONE is compatible with most eye wear and requires only a single calibration per user, so you no longer need to recalibrate the system every time you start using it. The STONE glasses are robust against device slippage and can be comfortably worn for extended periods.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Download ST ONE white paper including benchmarking results here.​


Key features

Slippage resistance

One calibration per lifetime

1,7, 21 points automatic calibration

Data provided: eye position and orientation in
(x, y, z) coordinates, gaze point coordinates, pupil size,
blink events, validity codes, and fixation events.

LSL compatibility

Integrated marker tracking

Recording suite to perform calibration, recording, visualization and data export