Ocular eye tracker ST ART

The START system is the world’s first patented plug’n’play eye tracking solution for microscopes and ophthalmic- and ocular devices. The solution delivers robust and highly accurate eye movement and position data for capturing gaze behavior, or powering a gaze-based user interface on the microscope with compatible augmented displays. The START  system delivers unparallelled precision and reliability.

At a thickness of only 6mm the START is practically invisible to the user, and does not restrict the field-of-view. It is also compatible with most eye wear. The START system only needs to be calibrated once per each user, and it is robust against head and user movement.

The START can connect most external trinocular cameras and display gaze on the output video. For interaction, the carrier device should be equipped with an AR display.

Technical specifications

New ways to work

The tracker allows unprecedented possibilities for new ways to conduct the surgeries and facilitate surgical training. Free hands and less interruption will improve the patient safety and care.

Docent Mikael von und zu Fraunberg, MD, PhD

professor of neurosurgery,  neurosurgeon

Uninterrupted control

Microsurgery requires frequent interruptions to adjust the device. The eye tracking as in here will allow uninterrupted interaction and control, and eventually will support the surgeon. 

Matti Iso-Mustajärvi, MD, PhD

ENT Specialist, Kuopio University Hospital


I was amazed how closely the eye tracking system tracks eye movements during microsurgical suturing and what the specialist is looking at. Such knowledge can be used in instructional scenarios.

Pekka Hietala

Product Manager, Surgical microscopes

Immuno Diagnostic OY


The ocular tracker is compatible with various ocular and ophthalmic devices and brings unprecedented interaction to AR-based microscopy. Software data streams are interoperable through an efficient API.

Gabe Seigel