Advanced eye-tracking solutions

World’s most-advanced robust eye-tracking solutions built on custom sensors and a unique computer vision approach. Our solution is based on a decade of research and experience in computational optics and applied eye-tracking, leading to the most robust eye-tracking ever.

Eye-tracking offers detailed insights into the direction of user's attention and point of gaze.

We can build interactive systems that utilize eye-tracking as a passive and active sensor, allowing precise control, user sensing, and prediction of the next targets. Visualization of the gaze in time and space exposes information about interest and knowledge.


Medical applications

Our technology has been demonstrated in medical environments, including surgical operating rooms. LEARN MORE.

AR and VR

Eye-trackers can be embedded in head-mounted display environments to support artificial and virtual reality technology. LEARN MORE.

Industrial applications

Our wearable and customizable solution achieves accuracy beyond state-of-the-art with extreme robustness. LEARN MORE.

Unique solution for robust eye tracking.

  • Designed for mission critical environments
  • Combination of custom hardware and optics
  • Suitable for high-end application domains
  • Tolerates device slippage and movement
  • Eye wear not a problem
  • Allows high speed tracking
  • No recalibration needed
  • Patented and patent pending

Novel SeeTrue Technologies solution allows to

  • Build control applications
  • Perform seamless operator sensing
  • Monitor eye position and behavior
  • Embed into various ergonomics
  • Speed up computational time
  • Improve resource allocation
  • Interact with other sensors
  • Build assistive technologies


“The tracker allows unprecedented possibilities for new ways to conduct the surgeries and facilitate surgical training. Free hands and less interruption will improve the patient safety and care.”

Docent Mikael von und zu Fraunberg, MD PhD
Kuopio Neurocenter

Endless opportunities of eye-tracking

Are you a developer or manufacturer – order our developer kit with access to the latest models and API access with R&D support.

Why is the current eye-tracking technology not robust enough?

Current eye trackers rely on image processing to detect various eye features from the eye image. Any optical disturbance causes the systems to fail.


Significant hardware upgrade introduced.

Our ocular trackers just got better. With an improved and thin design, and advanced optics, there is now virtually no limitation of Field of View for ocular eye-tracking.


What is eye-tracking used for? How accurate is eye-tracking?

Learn more about the technology and what opportunities it brings.