Advanced uses of eye tracking technologies

Beyond gaze direction estimation, there are many other functions an eye tracking system can be used for. For example, a display system can estimate the position of the user’s eyes in physical worlds in relation to the display. The coordinates, in turn, are used to adjust the information presented. The eye box for an AR system, for instance, can be adjusted on the fly to properly align augmented information rendering. 

SeeTrue solutions ready for ocular applications of eye tracking

A typical ocular optical device allows inspection of a specimen, object, or other detail of interest using a large magnification. For example, a surgical microscope enables the surgeon with a magnified view of the operating field. Ocular device operators interact with the environment or specimen using their hands, as they manipulate the device settings or direction of the optical system. The actual procedure is therefore interrupted due to the needs to adjust direction, zoom, lighting, interact with the menus, and other needs stemming from the task and optical device usage. 

Eye tracking and its future

Eye tracking has been recognized as a sensor of the future. Future interfaces will sense the interest and state of the users and provide information in real time. Future industrial systems will be able to collaborate with operators based on the information provided by an eye tracker. It has even been envisioned that with the help of eye tracking sensors, advanced diagnostic systems can be built to provide insights into well-being through the information from the eyes.

SeeTrue announces 460 000€ round to boost growth of robust eye tracking business and sales

Backed by Redstone’s North Karelia Growth Fund and StartUp Fund Joensuu, current owners of the company, and Business Finland’s Research and Development funding, the new funding will enable SeeTrue Technologies to scale up the robust eye tracking business. SeeTrue Technologies has secured a total of 460 000€ of new funding in the latest round. The company produces eye tracking technology for VR and AR equipment in health care, industry, education and entertainment. Its extremely robust sensing solution allows deployment of the technology to both mission-critical environments and consumer-level applications. The funding will allow SeeTrue to boost operations towards scaling up the eye tracking business. Kaj Hagros, managing partner of Redstone Nordics comments, ‘We believe that SeeTrue’s unique software and hardware expertise will generate promising global product partnerships’. The new funding will enable SeeTrue Technologies to increase its offerings to new types of customers. Existing eye tracking solutions primarily aim at controlled environments such as research laboratories, and fare poorly otherwise in real-life. In comparison, SeeTrue’s sensors can be deployed to a wide range of applications. This is because the innovation leads to robust and reliable tracking performance, small footprint and high accuracy.

SeeTrue robust eye trackers in ENT surgery reseach

Our add-on eye-trackers have been employed in research investigating challenging temporal bone drilling procedures.

Performance boost

We spent the winter months on improving the performance of our systems. We are proud to announce that SeeTrue FPS now almost doubled while keeping the 4x better levels of accuracy. Contact us for more detailed information about a developer kit through which you can see this using your own eyes!

SeeTrue Technologies and their R&D part of the HUMOR consortium

Starting January 2020, we are a member of a consortium of companies and universities investigating future XR applications. HUMOR — Human Optimized XR  — will create better user experience and business opportunities, and a standard for XR product development, to bring new XR technologies, content, and applications.

Significant hardware upgrade introduced

Our ocular trackers just got better! With improved and thin design, and advanced optics, there is now virtually no limitation of Field of View for ocular eye-tracking. Demo and evaluation kits available!


SeeTrue Technologies Oy received a significant angel investment from a group of partners with digital technology business background. The investment will be used for further technology development and for bringing the product to the markets.